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This website is devoted to Contemporary Jewish history, from an International perspective.

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Jewish Radio Stations Worldwide

Jewish Radio is a major new development in the Diaspora. In Australia there were plans for an AM radio in Sydney in the period 1949-51 -- but these failed. Actual full-time Jewish Radio stations in the Diaspora have only come into existence in the past 25 years, with most in the past 10. What - apart from the emergence of more radio affordable technology - has stirred this development of essentially full-time Jewish broadcasting stations? World-wide some Jewish Radio stations have failed. In Australia the spectrum administrator has recently pulled the plug on Lion FM Melbourne. What special challenges do these and future stations in the Diaspora face ? How do they negotiate with multi-cultural authorities ? How is it that Jewish Radio came Now -- and will it survive ?

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Melbourne Jewish Radio incorporated 2008; granted temporary Community Radio License January 2009; regular broadcasting commenced July 2010; Internet casting commenced September 2010. The station broadcast on a temporary license until June 2011 when the spectrum regulator (ACMA) withdrew the FM 96.1 from availability to Communal Radio. Lion FM currently solely an internet broadcaster. The station's history is online as a discussion in the context of Jewish Broadcasting in Australia. There are realistic hopes of relaunching the station, despite the limited spectrum availability.

On FM 96.3 Radio Jai is the only full-time Jewish radio station in Latin America. Started in 1992 a few months after the attack against the Embassy of Israel in Buenos Aires. (That is, before the July 1994 attack on the AMIA Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina.) On Facebook at with over 1200 members.

Radio Shalom started AM broad-casting with a community radio license in 2006; broadcasting was later extended to the Internet. Claims in station flyer that "Radio Shalom is the only Jewish, 24/6, multilingual radio station in the world." However Lion FM, Melbourne is also 24/6 multilingual, with station announcements in English, Ivrit, and occasionally Russian, and programs in English, Ivrit, Russian and Yiddish, with a corresponding range of music. Radio Shalom Montreal -- outside of Shabbat -- really does broadcast 24 hours a day, as per the online schedule, find out more on During the extended sabbath break of 18 hours the channel is available to other religions. During regular 24/6 broadcasting, 15% of time is allocated other religious and ethnic groups. After some early experiences way back in 1981 when Free Radio emerged, Radio Shalom emerged as an FM station broadcasting from 1630 to 2100 in 1987 on 94.8 F.M,

Broadcasting for over 25 years. Time-shares 94.8 FM with Radio Shalom. Présentation de la radio de la communauté juive à Paris : écoute en direct, la grille des programmes et des informations communautaires. Streaming at,-France/p/2859 Also internet streams at

Radio Shalom Dijon has been broadcasting on 97.1 FM since 1993 The station "aims to promote the universal heritage of Judaism in a spirit of tolerance" On FM 95.3 Broadcasts only Tuesday 1800-1900; repeated Thursday 2100-2200. Established circa 1995.

101.4 FM Established in 2002, Radio Shalom London broadcast at very low power (25Watt-25watt) in Golders Green, London at FM 101.4. The station struggled to continue with a series of temporary licenses, never gaining a permanent broadcasting license. Had a remarkably diverse set of presenters. Action by those associated with the creation of JCom radio blocked the extension of Shalom FM's broadcast license period, and the station Went off air on 17th October 2007. Subsequently there has been no internet streaming. The station's Website remains online as it was immediately after station closure. It is notable that cofounder of the Radio Shalom, sports broadcaster Mike Mendoza, Mendoza subsequently joined his former talkSPORT colleague George Galloway on the Iranian government-funded news channel Press TV.

A "rival group of ex-Shalom FM colleagues and friends" took advantage of the frequency made available following the demise of Radio Shalom, and established JCom Radio which gained a Restricted License and commenced broadcasting in north-west London on 28th November 2008 broadcasting Sunday to Thursday. In a broadcast which was heard by less than 20 online listeners, and an unknown number of FM listeners, a teenage artist arguably defamed (then) MP George Galloway during a comedy skit. It is apparent that information about this incident was relayed to Galloway by certain individual(s) who were indignant about the earlier closure of Shalom FM. Acting on this information, George Galloway sued the station which was bankrupted and ceased broadcasting August 12, 2008.

In September 2009 Radio J-Com Leeds, gained a five year license to broadcast on the AM band in Leeds, which has a Jewish population circa 10,000. Broadcasting commenced as internet only; subsequently the station has become live at 1386AM. The staion is currently the only Jewish Radio station in the UK.

JM in the AM broadcasts at 91.1 FM in New York City, and 90.1 FM in the Hudson Valley. This is the Jewish program on WFMU JMM commenced as the 2 hour program Jewish Music in the Morning (7-9am) on WFMU in 1977, and extended in stages, and with a name change to Jewish Moments in the Morning from 6:00 to 9:00 Monday to Friday. There is a good online history of JMM which is almost certainly the longest running program on Jewish radio world-wide. Jewish Radio Network Online only The Jewish radio Network is a multiple channel internet radio station. Heavy educational emphasis.

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