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This website is devoted to Contemporary Jewish history, from an International perspective.

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European Voice

Australians for a Secure

Far beyond the Nazi and Soviet antisemitism of mid Twentieth Century, a vicious antisemitism claiming to be anti-Zionism developed at the end of that century. As the basic premise of anti-semitism is that Jews are lying and manipulative, this hatred of Jews is combined with the claim that its just the nasty Jews who describe them as anti-semitic -- whereas these defamers claim to be true Human Rights Warriors. Its shameful that the United Nations, which Australia's "Doc" Evatt played such a leading role in establishment should be used as a prime vehicle for the dissemmination of such anti-semitism. But the extremity and bizareness of this new anti-semtism produced a backlash, with the formation of various citizen groups of Voices for Israel towards the end of the first decade of the Twenty First Century. European Voice for Israel UK Israel Support Initiative UK grassroots movement tackling delegitimization of Israel NZ Friends of Israel Activity since 2006. Incorporation date unknown. Australian Voices for Israel, launched Melbourne September 5, 2011. Australians for a Secure Israel Launched Sydney, October 2, 2011 AU4I - Australians United for Israel Launched Melbourne November 16, 2011. Australian Friends of Israel (WA) Launched Perth, August 8, 2010. What was perhaps the most strikingly successful launch of an Israel support group, took place in Western Australia (WA). Perth has a Jewish population of 9000; at the launch of AFOI(WA) there were 1500 present, of whom only around 300 (20%) were Jewish.


Rokiskis and its obfuscated history

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Dovid Katz's term, the "obfuscation of history" is well exemplified by looking at the case of the small town of Rokiskis, in Lithuania, north of Vilnius/Vilna. This is a town with a Jewish population for more than four hundred years, but bereft of Jews today. The regional museum has displays that equate Stalin with Hitler, equate communism with nazism, and glorify as local heroes the right-wing "partisan" group, initially called the LAF, that collaborated with the Eizengruppen in the extermination of the Jewish 40% of the local population. Later in the war this group fought with communist partisans, whose membership was open to Jews. The Jewish contribution to the history of Rokiskis is ignored except for one token reference.From the introduction to the very first issue, by the editors, Laura Brazzo and Guri Schwarz: This monographic section (Focus) of the first issue of Quest is dedicated to the study of post-Holocaust European Jewry, a theme that only in very recent years has begun to be the object of systematic scholarly research. The turning point was of course the end of the cold war. In the early Nineties the palpable sense that new challenges were taking shape lead Jewish intellectuals to tackle, on the one hand, delicate issues regarding the future of the Jews and, on the other, opened new possibilities for historical research. The entire content of the first issue of this brilliant new journal, is online at Papers there include West German Jewry: Guilt, Power and Pluralism by Anthony D. Kauders Jews and Jewishness in Post-war Hungary by András Kovács The Jews in Poland after the Second World War by Carla Tonini State-sponsored Anti-Semitism in Postwar USSR by Antonella Salomoni


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In the period 1946 - 1951

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This website is devoted to Contemporary Jewish history, from an International perspective. By contemporary Jewish history is meant the history of all Jewish communities post-Holocaust, and of their relationship to Israel, as portrayed in each community's own media and in national forums. Within each nation we take a special interest in the portrayal of Jews and Israel in the media and in the World Wide Web and social media. Topics covered include: the ongoing programs to delegitimise Israel; the Baltic States attempts to obfuscate the Holocaust; falsification of Israel demographics by denial of the predomination of Jews of or descended from the ancient communities of the Middle East; diaspora - Israel relations; Jewish media history.


Slaying the BDS Dragon

What is striking

Left leaning media in Australia have given the BDS movement media support without limit in Australia, leading to a series of most ugly boycott demonstrations against some retail businesses linked to Israel - notably outlets of chocolate retailer Max Brenner outlets and cosmetics supplier Seacret. These demonstrations with their ugly violence and harassment of innocent shoppers have been a gross affront to Australian values of civility and fair go, and despite the media spin have lead to counter-demonstrations by traditional Australians. The first Brisbane counter demonstration was on August 27, 2011, and is reported here. A similar counter-demonstration is took place in Melbourne just days later.

What is striking is that these emerging groups comprise ordinary Australians, only a few if any Jews are involved. In contrast to street demonstrations and counter-demonstrations, throughout 2011 and 2012 Labour Federal frontbecher Michael Danby sat down in avarious Max Brenner stores for chocolate with various prominent Australians. By mid 2012 it is generally acknowledged that the BDS demonstrators -- with their notorious anti-semitic chanting -- had become counterproductive in Australia.



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